About the Manufacturer

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Geo Film Group, Inc. put together a team of engineers and professionals to address concerns in the field of camera movement. Stabilization was at the top of the list. The stabilized remote head is essential for smoothing out the issues of telescopic cranes and moving camera platforms yet no head on the market met all the needs of the ever-evolving industry. It was time to build a system that would stand out as a leader in a market still looking for an answer.

GEO started from the ground up with an emphasis on physics and how balance plays an integral part of maintaining a stable platform. The mechanical design had to be strong and adjustable to hold a variety of cameras as well as 3-D rigs. It also had to be simple and fast to set up.

Understanding the need for reliability while providing the latest technology available we knew our system must utilize digital technology that would exceed requirements already established in the industry. This was accomplished with the latest technology in motor design and backlash free gearboxes to ensure precise movement and a new improved control method with the latest in microprocessor technology. Using advanced 3-D software we were able to design a head that maintained an extremely rigid structure yet was lightweight. Our mechanical design allowed for digital stabilization to work at its peak performance.

The result is the Alpha Stabilized Remote System.