“The Alpha Stabilized Head gave us the freedom to make choices based on creativity and not time pressure. There was a scene on the show that required rain and heavy winds, production secured a 3 axis head without consulting camera and that 3 axis head failed causing time delays and compromises in the shots (big bummer). When another rain and wind day was scheduled we demanded the Alpha 3 axis head and the system performed beautifully. There was very little need for rain protection because the majority of the components are sealed on the Alpha Head. All of this builds to the simple issue that the Alpha 3 Axis head gives you creative freedom. Some of the best ways to describe the performance of the Alpha 3 axis head are with words like, strong, stable, flexible, quick, durable, simple, uncompromising, creative, precise, agile, and intelligent. One shot in particular proved all of these elements, a full 50ft telescoping shot into a MCU over the hood of a car at 100mm with quick acceleration… no shake, roll or vibration, just solid, smooth and beautiful.”

James ReidCamera/Steadicam Operator, American Horror Story

“Game of Thrones season 2 was to be my first time using the Alpha remote head… It did not disappoint, from it’s stability, simplicity and the very short time it took to set up. I especially enjoyed the fantastic feedback through the wheels….as close to a geared head as I have experienced, no real lag at all. It also sailed through the constant adverse weather conditions, rain everyday, without a glitch. Looking forward to repeating the whole experience again on Game of Thrones season 3”

Sean Savage A Camera Operator, Game of Thrones

“Just finished a fast pace show with the Alpha Head. Our setup time had to be fast with no waiting or the shot would be pushed to something more conventional. The Alpha Head enabled us to be quick and creative because of the speed and ease of setup; whether it was a camera body, lens or magazine change. “The Alpha 3 Axis Remote Head in my experience has proven to be one of the easiest remote head systems for balancing and threading the camera, swinging lenses and repositioning a1000ft magazine back or top load. All the mounting and connection points are easily accessible and designed for speed and flexibility. A truly great tool for the motion picture business.

Brice ReidA-Camera/1st AC, American Horror Story

“The head was in use on the MB44 for 19 out of 21 days it was rigged on the crane. The days it was in use it was often fired up and operating for nine hours a day, four to five hours at a time continuously. In all that time we did not have a single issue with the mechanics or operation of the head. Changing it over from 3D for the opening ceremony to 2D for the games and back again for the closing ceremony was simplicity itself. I was also impressed with how easy it was to balance the 3D package. I was very impressed with the Alpha Head and will have no hesitation in using it again when I need a stabilized remote head.”

Steve PughKey Grip, 2012 London Olympics Telecast